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What People say about Howard Bragman and FIFTEEN MINUTES

At the end of the seventh day, God realized he needed a publicist. So God made a couple of calls. Everybody recommended Howard Bragman. The rest is history."

Steve Tisch
Academy Award-winning producer

Howard Bragman is a man who delivers on his promises. If he says his book will show you how to build your public presence in a positive way, you should believe him. It will."

Bill Bratton
LAPD Chief of Police

Howard Bragman is the real deal… a public relations icon with contacts and connections that mean more than just fodder for a POWER PLAYERS list. It is rare in our industry to have someone shoot straight and really get down to facts in a business where vapor rules, but Howard somehow manages to serve his clients while also making sure the media hounds get what they need too. I have rarely interviewed anyone in PR who is more respected, more powerful or better able to serve up a juicy soundbite. EVERYONE is waiting for a book from Howard…more than a few are downright afraid of it! A guidebook for what to do, how to do it and with whom, filled with real life examples from a pro. I’ll be the first to read it!"

Leeza Gibbons
Broadcast journalist and celebrity

When I was attacked in the press by two jealous troublemakers, Howard Bragman called and kindly offered to help. His phone call was a godsend, since members of the media suddenly were on my back. I referred them to Howard, who handled them all. If you have Howard on your team, you’re in luck. He creates winning strategies and becomes your Most Valuable Team Captain."

George Christy
Journalist and society columnist

Howard Bragman may be Hollywood's most effective publicity professional. He’s clear-eyed, cool-headed, good-humored and creative. His experience as a university instructor, moreover, makes these principles of public relations interesting to study and easy to understand. No one can do what Bragman does, but now everyone can see how he does it."

Charles Fleming
Entertainment journalist and author

Howard Bragman is uniquely skilled in navigating the always-treacherous combat zone between the press and the stars or corporate players. And he has a few purple hearts to show for it."

Peter Bart
Editor and Chief, Variety, author

Howard Bragman advice was an enormous help for our family in coping with the media frenzy during our involvement in the Clinton political debacle."

Dr. Bernard S. Lewinsky
Father of Monica Lewinsky

In his profession Howard stands as tall as they get. In a field where there are imitators, phonies, liars, conmen, and posers—he walks through the jungle draped with honesty and integrity. His greatest quality might be innovation: always advancing the profession. If I’ve got a PR victory or a problem, I’m speed dialing Mr. B."

Pat O’Brien
Broadcast journalist

Howard Bragman, like no else, was born with bragging rights—as his name suggests. And yet his work has never been about braggadocio. Rather he is all about sheer honesty and unprecedented humor in a field way too full of phonies. Like no publicity artist alive whom I’ve encountered (and there have been more than I’d care to recall), only Howard has always told me the truth. And his truths are funnier than you can begin to imagine. Except that he is sharing them now, so go ahead and imagine. And hold on to something."

Bill Zehme
Journalist and author

I know firsthand about Howard Bragman’s knowledge of the media, his public relations savvy and the good works he has done. I’m glad he’s on my team."

Howard Dean
Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and former Vermont Governor

When you are on the ropes you want Howard Bragman in your corner."

Sportscaster Jim Lampley

I love Howard Bragman and his advice because of his heart, his vision and his courage."

Isaiah Washington

If you are not lucky enough to have Howard Bragman represent you, you should buy his book and take his advice—I do."

Ricki Lake

Professor Bragman game me a better understanding of the media at a time when I was overwhelmed by the frenzy. He cleared a foggy perspective I had of the media by digging deep into his many years of experience."

Carson Palmer
Former U.S.C student of Howard Bragman, 2002 Heisman trophy winner

Howard Bragman is the rare public relations practitioner who blends innate communication skills with a deep knowledge of corporate America and an intricate understanding of the entertainment industry to create award-winning campaigns for a wide variety of clients, ranging from Cameron Diaz to Sony to AIDS Project Los Angeles. A publicist extraordinaire, Howard knows how to both bring a story to life and kill the story before it becomes a crisis. His dry wit, entertainment activism and dedication to worthwhile causes have earned him the respect of journalists, movie moguls and students alike."

Larry Weber
PR visionary

Our struggle for equality will succeed because an orchestra of strong voices worked together, educating and advocating every step of the way. One of those voices belongs to Howard Bragman, a smart and generous man whose contributions have been a catalyst in changing attitudes and perceptions of lesbians and gay men in America."

Joan M. Garry
Former Exec. Director, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

Whether you are an athlete or celebrity, Howard and his team can help you come out with class. I know I felt that he was the only person capable of helping me stay focused and on message during a very stressful time."

John Amaechi Former NBA Player
Author and Educator

A must read for anyone who is famous, wants to be famous or is infamous from the country's leading PR expert."

Attorney Robert Shapiro

I don't understand how this man can call me a whining bitch. I've never in my life been called a whining bitch and a loser."

Paula Abdul

Howard is the finest "reputation doctor" in the business. He listens carefully, diagnoses accurately and prescribes judiciously.
My physician colleagues would be well advised to take a big dose of Howard's "PR medicine" if they aspire to become more successful and effective healers."

Gary R. Cohan, M.D.
Internal Medicine, Beverly Hills, CA

Few understand -- or explain -- the publicity game with the insight of Howard Bragman, author of the new book "Where's My Fifteen Minutes?"

ABC 20/20

"Where's My Fifteen Minutes?" is a masterpiece for today's times. People should not just read it, they should study it; and most importantly, apply its lessons."

Billy Ray Cyrus


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