About the Book

Get Your Company, Your Cause, or Yourself the Recognition you Deserve

Media attention can boost careers, generate millions of dollars, and make dreams come true. It can also destroy reputations and derail carefully laid business plans. All publicity is not good publicity.

No one knows this better than Howard Bragman. For more than thirty years he has helped prominent people—movie stars, business leaders, philanthropists their messages out, in good times and bad.

His book won't make anyone famous overnight, but it will help readers understand the changing world of today's PR. It will also guide readers through the thought process of PR, defining their key messages and purpose to the media and public at large. If your public's perception doesn't match reality -- if you are a better person, offer a better product, or stand for a better cause than anyone realizes—you need help. Bragman shows how to:

  • Understand your real target audience
  • Respect what the media needs and wants
  • Give memorable interviews, even during a crisis
  • Handle the new challenges of the Internet age

He illustrates his lessons with juicy examples, from Frank Sinatra and Madonna to Coca-Cola and Monica Lewinsky. Whether you're trying to build a business, advance your career, or change the world, there's much to be learned from Bragman's insights and experience.


Howard Bragman would like to thank Leeza Gibbons for contributing the Foreword to this book, and Harvey Levin writing the Afterword.


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